10 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

Updated on 13th February, 2024

There are lots of ways to have fun this winter, even when there’s a chill in the air. Keep little ones entertained and enjoy the Great Outdoors whatever the weather, with our favourite winter activities for kids. And don’t forget to bring some tasty snacks to keep their tummies happy!

fly a kite

1. Fly a kite

Make the most of those winter winds and take a kite out for some fun. You might have to dodge rainy days, but you might find that flying a kite is even more fun during the colder months when the wind can get up to higher speeds. Just be sure to supervise your little ones if the winds are higher than usual; we want to keep all feet on the ground!

2. Set up a scavenger hunt

There are few things little ones like doing more than working things out for themselves, so scavenger hunts are always popular. Perfect whether you’re entertaining one child or several, this is an excellent way to enjoy the Great Outdoors and discover a little more about the plants, wildlife or even buildings nearby. For a little help with setting up your own, be sure to check out our outdoor scavenger hunt ideas.

Puddle Splash

3. Plan the great puddle splash

Splashing in puddles is one of life’s little pleasures, so why not set out to enjoy it to its full? Waterproofs and wellies are a must and while you might have to look out for just the right day, it will be well worth the wait. See who can make the biggest splash and don’t forget to pack a hot drink and snacks for the whole family to keep your energy up.

4. Blow beautiful frozen bubbles

Bubbles are fun at any time of the year but when the temperature drops below freezing, they can be an extra-special outdoor activity. All you need is some bubble mixture and a wand. If you’ve run out of mixture, make your own with one part washing up liquid to six parts water and everything from paperclips to biscuit cutters can be used as wands. For longer lasting bubbles, add a drop of glycerine to your mixture.

Bird Feeder

5. Make a bird feeder

Give chilly birds a well-earned snack and get a chance to see them up close, by making your own bird feeder. The Heart of England Forest has shared some detailed instructions for making an all-natural feeder that our feathered friends will love. Why not go a step further and help your kids keep track of the kind of birds that come for a visit in the garden?

6. Find frozen treasure

Use anything from muffin tins to ice trays to freeze ice cubes with small toys inside. Place your frozen treasure around the garden and send your children on a hunt to rescue their toys. You can then use a little bit of warm water to release the toys and save them from their icy trap!


7. Spend the evenings stargazing

Make the most of the long winter nights by heading out to gaze at the stars. The darker it is, the easier it is to see the stars, so heading out into the countryside is a great idea. There are also lots of amazing stargazing spots to explore throughout the UK, but on a clear night even your back garden might be a good place for star spotting.

8. Create a cool snow globe

Let the snow last a little longer by making your own snow globes! All you need is a jar, some glitter (white is best but other sparkles can be fun too), glue, water and a small toy or figure to attach to the lid. Assemble, fill with water and get shaking. Again, be sure to supervise children during any crafts to avoid any mishaps!

Animal Tracks

9. Hunt for animal tracks

Heading out to hunt for animal tracks is a lot of fun, especially when you’re lucky enough to spot a little local wildlife too. Best for muddy or snowy days, search for tracks and try to work out which animals made them. Challenge your little ones to see who can spot the most tracks and offer a prize for the winner if you want to get them an extra incentive to keep hunting!

10. Make an ice suncatcher

Make a special suncatcher that lasts as long as the ice does. First, head outside to collect twigs, leaves, berries and acorns then lay them in a pretty pattern in a shallow, round dish. Silicon works best, but any dish is fine. Add a piece of string then pop in the freezer (or on the back step if it’s cold enough outside). Once frozen, remove from the dish with a little help from some warm water if needed, hang outdoors and enjoy.

A little bit of inspiration and imagination is all you need to enjoy some awesome winter activities. Be sure to pack some trusty snacks to keep you going as you explore the Great Outdoors and all the magical ways to make the most of winter weather.