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Outdoor Inspiration & Adventure Ideas

There's a whole world out there waiting to be discovered on your doorstep. At Nature Valley, we want to inspire you to Get equipped for Life and explore all that mother nature has to offer – after all, there's no such thing as the great indoors!

Three hikers with backpacks walking towards a stone bridge in a valley with grassy slopes and a mountain backdrop under a clear sky.

Best Hikes in Scotland: Explore Nature's Beauty with Nature Valley

When it comes to hiking, Scotland’s dramatic landscapes, greenery, and rich history are a dream come true for outdoor lovers.

A serene lakeside scene with lush green trees, a wooden picnic table in the foreground, and a small sandy beach leading to the tranquil water.

Best Picnic Spots in London’s Parks

When the sun makes its rare but glorious appearance over London, there’s no better time to pack a picnic and head to one of the city’s many green spaces.

A panoramic view of a well-manicured garden with colorful flower beds, a greenhouse, and lush trees under a clear blue sky.

Best Parks in Manchester for Nature Lovers

Calling all nature lovers in Manchester! This bustling city is home to an array of stunning parks that offer the perfect respite from urban life.

a serene reservoir with calm waters, surrounded by lush green mountains, reflecting the clear blue sky

Best Wild Swimming Spots in the Peak District

Discover the best wild swimming spots in the Peak District, including nearby hikes and trails.

A family hikes along a forest trail, adults and children with backpacks, surrounded by greenery in daylight.

Hikes Near London

Are you a city dweller longing to escape the hustle and bustle of London? Take a day trip to one of the many coastal paths or forest trails just a short train ride from London.

Best Countryside Staycations in the UK

Best Countryside Staycations in the UK

There are plenty of countryside destinations in the UK if you’re seeking a peaceful summer staycation.

Best Campsites Wales

Best Campsites in Wales for Families

Are you planning a camping trip this summer? Look no further than Wales for breathtaking campsites located around the country.

Easy Hikes-Walks

Easy Hikes & Walks in the Lake District

At Nature Valley, we love exploring the outdoors, and the Lake District is one of our favourite spots to connect with nature.

Kids Party Games to Play in the Garden

Garden party games are a great way to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors, it also makes for fun barbecue or party entertainment.

small girl wearing winter jacket opening bird feeder surrounded by snow

Nature Valley's Festive Forage: A Yuletide Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Embark on a Yuletide scavenger hunt with Nature Valley. Discover festive clues, garden treasures, and Christmas magic in every corner.

Christmas lights lit up during evening time

Crafting a Christmas Fairy Garden: A Festive Family Project

Dive into the magic of creating a Christmas fairy garden. Explore eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and homemade decoration ideas for a festive outdoor space.

hedgehog surrounded with autumn leaves

Autumnal Escapades in the Garden: Wildlife Wonders & Activities

Discover the magic of autumnal escapades in the garden. From hedgehog hideaways to nocturnal sounds, embrace the season's wildlife wonders.

little girl and mother playing with orange and yellow crispy autumn leaves

Autumn Garden Activities: A Family Guide to the Season

Dive into delightful autumn garden activities. From kid-friendly planting to seasonal tales, make the most of your garden this autumn.

Many Pumpkins stacked in rows of wooden racks.

Best Pumpkin Patches Near London 2023

Plan the perfect family day out at a pumpkin patch near you this autumn.

winter activities for kids

10 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

There are lots of ways to have fun this winter, even when there’s a chill in the air.

Start Running Inspiration

How to Start Running for Beginners

Running is a wonderful way to get fitter, boost your mood and enjoy all the wonders of nature.

How Nature Can Help Mental Health

How Nature Can Help Mental Health

Discover the ways that nature can benefit our mental health.

Nature Photography

Nature Photography Tips for Beginners

Learn how to take stunning shots of nature with our guide.

Family planning an outdoor activity

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Plan the perfect outdoor scavenger hunt with a little help from Nature Valley.

Family walking in the woods

Weekly Family Adventure Challenges

It’s time to get wild! Help your family experience the great outdoors this summer and Get Equipped for Life with Nature Valley.

Camp Guide

The Ultimate Camping Essentials Guide

Our camping guide will make sure you've got everything you need.

7 family day out ideas in the UK

Take the family on an adventure with our pick of the best day outs around the UK.

8 top UK countryside destinations

Take in the fresh air and sights at the UK's best countryside destinations.

Best hiking trails in the UK this autumn

Say goodbye to summer and hello to the best UK hiking trails this autumn.

Top 10 national parks in the UK

Discover the natural beauty of the UK with our top 10 national parks.

The best outdoor activities in the UK

Enjoy the great outdoors with the best outdoor activities in the UK.

The best cycling routes in the UK

Get on your bike and discover the best cycling routes in the UK.