Two women on a easy walk on a trail surrounded by mountains and green pastures.

Easy Hikes & Walks in the Lake District with Nature Valley

Updated on 9th May, 2024

At Nature Valley, we love exploring the outdoors, and the Lake District is one of our favourite spots to connect with nature. Located in Cumbria, the Lake District is known for its breathtaking landscapes, charming villages and range of trails for both beginner and advanced hikers.

Lake District of Cumbria

Why You Should Visit the Lake District

The Lake District is a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its glacial lakes, rugged fell mountains, and historic literary connections. The perfect destination for nature lovers, the Lake District offers an array of easy hikes and walks, perfect for families and beginners, or those looking for a scenic day out.

Easy Walks and Hikes in the Lake District

Easy walks and hikes in the Lake District are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and views the area has to offer, especially if you’re tight for time or don’t want to commit to some of the more advanced treks. These are some of our favourite easy to medium walking routes in the Lake District:

Blea Tarn - a circular shaped lake surrounded by green pastures and hills.

Circular Walks in the Lake District

Blea Tarn, Landale

A picturesque spot accessible to all, Blea Tarn offers a flat and scenic circular walk. The path around the tarn is well-defined, making it ideal for a tranquil walk amidst nature. The reflections of the Langdale Pikes in the still waters are not to be missed, providing a perfect backdrop for a Nature Valley snack break.

Length: 2.9 kilometres
Elevation: 98m
Difficulty: Moderate

Grasmere Lake surrounded by green pasture of hills.

Flat Walks in the Lake District

Grasmere Lake Loop

This gentle loop around Grasmere Lake is steeped in literary history and offers stunning views of the surrounding fells. There is a car park and a clear path, making it perfect for families and taking the dogs for a walk. Don’t forget to enjoy a cup of tea with your Nature Valley bar at one of the many tea rooms surrounding the loop.

Length: 5.1 kilometres
Elevation: 265m
Difficulty: Moderate

A panoramic view over Latrigg Keswick and the surrounding mountains.

Fell Walks in the Lake District

Latrigg, Keswick

For those looking to experience a fell walk without the effort, Latrigg is the perfect choice. This low-level fell provides panoramic views over Keswick, Derwentwater, and the surrounding mountains. The gradual ascent is rewarded with breathtaking landscapes, making every step worth it.

Length: 5 kilometres
Elevation: 100m
Difficulty: Moderate

Hiking essentials placed on a table. A bag, jacket, shorts, t-shirt and shoes.

How to Prepare for the Lake District

Before you lace up your boots and head out, remember to pack essentials to take with you on your walk. We would recommend taking a refillable water bottle, a map of the area, a waterproof jacket, sunscreen and a first aid kit for emergencies.

We would recommend packing some food to re-energise during your walk, this could be a packed lunch or a small snack. Our Nature Valley bars are perfect for an easy energy kick.

Three People carrying litter along with them in black colored bags from a beautiful trekking site.

Leave Nature as You Found It

When exploring the Lake District, remember to take all your litter away with you if there’s not a bin available. Our crunchy bar wrappers can be recycled – a small step to help look after our outdoor areas.

At Nature Valley we’re always inspired by nature and we want you to be too…safely! Always check with relevant health and safety sources before venturing out.