A serene lake with a background of densely wooded hills under a clear blue sky.

The Best Wild Swimming Spots in the Peak District

Updated on 30th May, 2024

The Peak District National Park is located in the heart of England and stretches 555 square miles from Staffordshire to Greater Manchester. This picturesque landscape offers scenic hikes, bike trails, and wild swimming spots, making for a great location to connect with nature.

Tranquil lake with stones on the bank, misty sky and lush trees, at upper Derwent valley

Slippery Stones, Upper Derwent Valley

Enjoy a walk along the scenic Upper Derwent Valley and find yourself at the Slippery Stones accessible around 10km from the River Derwent Visitor Centre or head from the car park just 1km away. This secluded swimming spot is formed by the smooth rocks of the River Derwent and is an accessible spot for swimmers.

Safety tip: Bring a swimming friend along as the pools are secluded and the path can be quiet.

Stone bridge over a serene waterfall surrounded by lush greenery in a tranquil nature setting.

Three Shires Head, Staffordshire

Three Shires Head is a 4-mile loop next to the River Dane that leads to a point where the three counties of Derbyshire, Cheshire, and Staffordshire meet along the River to make the perfect spot for wild swimming. This swimming point stands out because of its iconic packhorse bridge and waterfalls, making it ideal for a refreshing swim or simply enjoying scenic views.

Top tip: Walking to Three Shires Head can be challenging, so remember to wear sturdy shoes during the hike to the swimming point.

Tranquil expansive valley with a reflective pond surrounded by rolling grassy hills under a partly cloudy sky.

Black Mere Pool, Morridge Moor

Black Mere Pool is a tranquil pool surrounded by moorland along the footpaths from the village of Merebrook. Because of its mystical appearance, it’s also known as Mermaid’s Pool, making it a serene spot for swimming.

Safety tip: The water at Black Mere Pool can be pretty deep in places, so always swim within your ability.

A dog stands by a pond with a reflection of an old wooden wheel, surrounded by greenery and trees.

Youlgreave, River Bradford

If you’re looking for a family-friendly wild swimming spot, check out the pools along the River Bradford. Multiple points of entry and shallow sections make it a great place for children and parents to enjoy the outdoors. We recommend packing your favourite Nature Valley snacks to enjoy on the surrounding meadows after swimming.

At Nature Valley we’re always inspired by nature and we want you to be too…safely! Always check with relevant health and safety sources before venturing out especially when considering exploring wild swimming spots in the Peak District, you must remember to check all the required safety measures, we have listed a few below to get you equipped for your next sunny swim:



How to Stay Safe When Wild Swimming

Exploring wild swimming spots in the Peak District is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature, but you must remember to stay safe.


  • Always check the weather before heading out, weather conditions can impact the water conditions and heavy rain can lead to strong currents.
  • Some swimming spots are deeper than others, choose a swimming spot that suits your ability.
  • Try to swim in pairs or groups, wild swimming alone can be dangerous, especially in quiet areas.

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