A group of five kids celebrating birthday party around a table placed with gifts and food in garden

Kids Party Games to Play in the Garden

Updated on 9th May, 2024

At Nature Valley we are committed to spending time outdoors, and are dedicated to helping children do the same. Garden party games are a great way to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors, it also makes for fun barbecue or party entertainment. From classic party games like musical statues to outdoor scavenger hunts, we recommend our favourite outdoor games that are sure to get the party going.


Kids Party Games

A group of 6 kids playing musical chair in a garden.

Musical Statues in the Garden

Musical statues is a beloved party game and adds an extra layer of excitement to any party. Connect your speaker outside and get all your guests involved by choosing a diverse range of music that people of all generations will enjoy. Though this game can be played anywhere, it’s extra magical when dancing to music outdoors on a balmy summer evening.

The rules are simple: dance around to music, and when the music stops, freeze like a statue. Those caught moving are out of the game.

Kids playing treasure hunt in a garden.

Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Get creative and design a nature-themed treasure hunt to encourage a sense of adventure in children. Create your own or use our clues that are suited to a treasure hunt in most gardens:

Step 1: Begin by giving the children a clue card with a picture of a tree on it. The clue reads: “In the garden where flowers bloom, find the tree that offers shade and room.

The first clue leads the children to a large tree in the garden where they find their next clue attached to one of its branches.

Step 2: The second clue card includes a picture of a butterfly and reads: “Fluttering and floating in the air, find a place with flowers there.

Following the clue will take children in search of a flowering bed or pot in the garden.

Step 3: The third clue card shows a small insect and reads: “Crawling and creeping, oh so small, find a hiding spot of bricks made tall.”

Kids will find their next clue hidden next to a wall.

Step 4: The next clue card shows a bird and reads: “High up above where branches sway, find the next clue to lead the way.”

Following the clue will take the children to a high point in the garden, this could be on a fence or tree branch.

Step 5: The final clue has a picture of a snail and reads: “Slow or fast head up the trail, are you the Hare or are you the Snail.”

Kids follow a garden trail or pathway where they finally uncover the treasure hidden nearby.

Kids playing party games in a garden.

Garden Sports Days

For more active games, consider hosting a garden sports day. You can split children into teams and have various stations throughout the garden for running, egg and spoon races, sandbag races, or balance beams.

Be sure to be equipped with plenty of water, fruits, and Nature Valley snacks.

Kids enjoying backyard camping in a blue tent.

Backyard Camping

Wind down your evening with a family-friendly garden camping experience. This is an exciting adventure for young kids, and older children will enjoy camping in the garden with friends. Make it extra special by warming up by a firepit and sharing some tasty treats. Our s’mores popcorn recipe is the perfect camping snack.

Keeping kids entertained all summer long can be challenging, but these garden party games are a memorable outdoor activity that children will cherish forever.

At Nature Valley we’re always inspired by nature and we want you to be too…safely! Always check with relevant health and safety sources before venturing out.