Autumn Garden Activities For Kids: Family Guide to Embracing the Season

Updated on 11th January, 2024

As the air turns crisp and everywhere turns the gold and red of autumn, our gardens grow their own unique charm. Autumn garden activities offer families a chance to bond, learn, and prepare for the colder months ahead. So, if you’re wondering what to do in the garden with the kids this autumn, we have the perfect ideas for you! Read on to learn more.

Monthly Garden Guidance: Autumn Garden Activities & Tasks In September, October & November


  • As summer bids adieu, it’s time to prep the soil for autumn planting and grab the garden fork, turn the soil and add some fresh compost and mulch. While you’re at it, let the kids join in, they’ll love getting stuck in and discovering the tiny critters hiding below!
  • Those late summer crops? Ready for harvest! Let the little ones pick, taste, and learn. Root vegetables like carrots and turnips should still have some life left in them.
  • And oh, those fallen leaves? Perfect for introducing kids to the wonders of composting. Compositing is not only great for your garden and the flowers ahead of spring/summer, but means you can use less chemical fertilizer and pesticides across the year.


  • The garden’s palette changes, and it’s time to plant autumn bulbs and seasonal flowers. Kids will love burying treasures like daffodil bulbs, anticipating their spring bloom.
  • This month frost might be on the horizon. October is a noticeable change of season both for the temperature but also how everything looks. Teach kids about the changing climate, and together, protect your plants from the chilly nights.
  • And for a bit of fun? Collect those vibrant leaves for some crafty afternoon sessions. Create a collage with glue, or paint the leaves to create all new seasonal artwork to stick on the fridge!


  • Winter’s knocking! Together, winter-proof the garden: cover, and protect vulnerable plants or better still, make sure your pots are safely indoors.
  • Refresh bird feeders and teach kids about the birds that visit, especially those preparing for migration. Can you spot the UK’s lesser-known winter visitors: The Fieldfare, The Redwing, The Waxwing, The Brambling?
  • As the gardening year wraps up, sit with a warm drink, and reflect on the growth and memories made. Grab yourself a Nature Valley and sit back snugly to admire the change of the seasons. Read on for a few more tips this autumn gardening season.

Kid-Friendly Gardening Activities & What To Plant in Autumn

What to Plant:

  • Let the kids take charge! Winter Pansies, chrysanthemums, and autumn veggies are not just vibrant but also forgiving for young gardeners.
  • More Garden Activity Ideas for Kids:
  • Spend a weekend crafting birdhouses or feeders. Make sure the entry hole is big enough to allow small birds to come in and out easily, but small enough to stop predators gaining access.
  • And for the curious minds? Start a worm composting bin. It’s nature’s magic at its best! You build the composter, the kids collect the worms – great fun for all the family.

Making Gardens Engaging & Fun for Children

  • Have some fun with your garden with wind chimes or fairy gardens. Let the kids decide, after all, it’s their magical space too. Fairy gardens help build the imagination, but also can play home to creepy crawlies.
  • Dedicate spots for observing the tiny wonders: insects, birds, or even the dew on a spider’s web. How many different species can you and your adventurers spot each week?
  • And as dusk sets in, gather around for stories. Let the garden be the backdrop for tales of autumn legends and adventures with a hot drink and a Nature Valley, of course.

Starting & Preparing Your Garden for the Autumn-Winter Transition

  • Clean and store garden tools. Let the kids have their own set, teaching them responsibility and maintenance. Tiny tools for tiny gardens!
  • And as you close the gardening chapter for the year, dream and plan for next autumn.

Teaching Children About the Autumn Season

  • While gardening, curious kids are sure to be full of questions such as why do leaves change colour? Why do birds fly away? Turn these questions into learning moments for all the family.
  • Introduce the concept of hibernation. Maybe there’s a hedgehog preparing to snooze in your garden! Hedgehogs hibernate for around 4 months so make sure you keep them safe from harm.
  • Finally, why not celebrate the season with garden picnics, lanterns, and perhaps even an autumn festival.

Autumn garden activities are more than tasks; they’re memories in the making. We hope these kids garden activity ideas inspired you to have some fun outdoors this autumn. So, pull on those wellies, grab a Nature Valley bar, and step into the magic of the season. And as you do, share your stories, your moments, and let’s celebrate the garden’s autumnal dance together.