About Nature Valley – Our Snack Philosophy

About Nature Valley – Our Snack Philosophy

We didn’t put the word ‘nature’ in our name for nothing. Our delicious, pocket-sized snack bars are perfect for outdoor adventurers. Packed with tasty ingredients, Nature Valley™ bars are an easy on-the-go snack to keep you energised in the Great Outdoors.

What are Nature Valley bars?

Nature Valley™ bars are minimally processed and packed with real ingredients. We combine nuts, nut butter and oats with fruit, honey, chocolate and peanut butter for the ultimate tasty snack.

Our nut butter snacks are delicious biscuit bars and cups made from wholegrain oats and real nut butter.

Designed to fit in your pocket, Nature Valley™ make for the ideal afternoon snack, tea break or mid-hike boost. Our nutritious Protein Bars are particularly good for a post-workout snack and packed with wholesome ingredients.

How are Nature Valley bars made?

At Nature Valley™, we love Mother Nature. That’s why we keep things simple. We take a handful of tasty ingredients and combine them to create a satisfying snack bar that’s crunchy, chewy, sweet or salty – you decide.

Because we believe that real ingredients can’t be improved upon we keep our bars free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Nature Valley Nutrition Information

All Nature Valley™ products are suitable for vegetarians and free from preservatives and artificial colours. To find out the nutritional information for a specific bar, head to one of our category pages:
Crunchy Bars
Sweet & Salty Bars
Protein Bars
Nut Butter Snacks

Are Nature Valley bars good for you?

Nature Valley™ snack bars are packed with real ingredients, such as wholegrain oats for a good source of fibre, and protein-rich nuts. We don’t add preservatives or artificial colours, and rely on our wholesome ingredients – fruit, honey, nuts – to create those indulgent flavours.

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